Thomas Lievestro

App/Web Designer & Developer, Experience Designer, Event Organiser and Project Manager based in Amsterdam.

Selected Works

De Jurk & het Scheepswrak

2021 - 2023

    NTR & Prospektor
  • DATE
    2021 - 2023
    Concept creator, UX/UI Designer, Tech Lead, Developer

Interactive documantary about the famous 17th century dress divers found in 2014 in the Wadden Sea.

"De Jurk en het Scheepswrak" (The Dress and the Shipwreck) is an interactive documentary centered around the underwater wreck of the Burgzand Noord in the Wadden Sea. The area is home to many ancient shipwrecks, including the famous 17th-century Palmhoutwrak, which was discovered by Texel amateur divers in 2014.

About the concept

Despite official restrictions and legal consequences for accessing and taking artifacts from the wreck, this website recreates the Palmhoutwrak so that visitors can virtually embark on an adventure to discover its treasures.

The documentary features the perspectives of divers who explore wrecks like this, expressing their passion for the thrill of finding hidden treasures and the excitement of experiencing a sense of time travel while being the first to lay eyes and hands on the ancient artifacts.

The website offers an immersive experience through rich audio, voice-overs, and music. Users are encouraged to wear headphones for the best experience. Navigation is done by scrolling down the page, and whenever a voice-over is heard, users can pause scrolling and listen to the content. The documentary takes users back to the 17th century, imagining the busy waters of the "Rede van Texel," a popular place where ships departed in different directions while waiting for favorable winds.

The main focus of the documentary is on the iconic 17th-century dress found in the Palmhoutwrak, along with other significant discoveries from the wreck. It offers an interactive and educational exploration of the historical context and the excitement of maritime archaeology.

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Meet the team
  • Direction, Research & Texts: Arnold van Bruggen (Prospektor)
  • Concept, UX/UI, Technical Realisation: Thomas Lievestro (Lievestro)
  • Design & Art Direction, UX/UI: Marcel C. de Vries (Superaarde)
  • Design & Art Direction: Menno Wittebrood
  • 3D Models Design: Nick Berjoan (Innerworld)
  • Music: Roald van Oosten
  • Production: Sanne Wiltink & Laura Verduijn (Prospektor); Irene Uit den Bosch (NTR)
  • Project Assistance: Derk Molijn (NTR) & Chris Waalberg (Q42)
  • Editorial Supervision: Ingrid Walschots (NTR)
  • Promo: Sander Vreeburg (NTR)
  • Marketing & Communication: Shirien Elsaid & Ilse Nikken (NTR); Zoë Dejean
  • Narrator: Tirsa With