Thomas Lievestro

App/Web Designer & Developer, Experience Designer, Event Organiser and Project Manager based in Amsterdam.

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  • DATE
    January - June 2016
    iOS Development, Experience Design

An immersive adventure in the port of Amsterdam

The Port Game experience is like a playground for grown ups. In this unique ± 2 hour experience, you’re called upon by a brilliant but troubled inventor to help bring an artificial intelligence to life in the Port of Amsterdam. This task is too large for just a few people. Therefore you’ll be playing alongside other teams.

About the concept

The Port Game is a tablet-guided hybrid live game in the Port of Amsterdam. We designed it as an experiment to see if we could deviate from the by- now-conventional game mechanics of live escape room games, and create a competitive game that consists of a number of ‘mini’ escape rooms in an open field. Connecting these challenges in a custom-created iPad app that serves as both a classic ‘treasure hunt’ GPS guide, as well as a console for the different puzzles, adapting to each of the challenges.

Challenges, treasures and even other teams are recognised by the teams iPad through iBeacon technology and will enable them to interact with them. The host iPad enables the hosts to control the game, see where the teams are, what they are doing, send messages to the teams and overrule certain situations.

Meet the team
  • Project manager: Pim Schachtschabel, Tristan Hupe
  • Art director: Pim Schachtschabel, Tristan Hupe
  • Concept & experience design: Pim Schachtschabel, Tristan Hupe, Ruud Kool, Terry Brochard, Thomas Lievestro
  • Producer: Lisa Lente, Maartje Kuipers
  • Brand design: Pim Schachtschabel
  • Experience builders: Norbert Starink & Robert Groenewald
  • iPad app: Thomas Lievestro
  • Electronic development: Stephan Raidl
In the press
  • Parool (16 June 2016)