Doloris Anoma Maze Utrecht


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    Concept creator, Experience Designer, Developer, Builder

Audiovisual Art Experience in Doloris Anoma Maze Utrecht

This experience is part of the Doloris Anoma Maze, an artistic labyrinth in Utrecht with over 70 rooms designed to engage all your senses. This crawl-and-climb adventure maze features a complex network of passages, stairs, and chambers. Visitors explore individually, without the distractions of phones and watches, immersing themselves in a unique, sensory-rich environment.

The experience is an audiovisual and interactive art installation that takes you on an enchanting journey through a dark space full of mysterious possibilities. [small spoiler alert] Inside, glowing, twinkling eyes of socket creatures curiously observe your presence, accompanied by a soft murmur of whispered voices demanding your attention, as if the many "eyes" in the room are speaking directly to you. A cord with a plug hangs from the ceiling. [end spoiler alert]

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Meet the team
  • Concept: Thomas Lievestro & Camilla van Wirdum
  • Experience Design: Thomas Lievestro & Camilla van Wirdum
  • Realisation: Thomas Lievestro & Camilla van Wirdum
  • Software: Thomas Lievestro
  • Hardware realisation: Interactive Matter
  • Music: Thijmen Hoebink, Tessa Rose Jackson, Thomas Lievestro, Camilla van Wirdum
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Thomas Lievestro

App/Web Designer & Developer, Experience Designer, Event Organiser and Project Manager based in Amsterdam.

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