Thomas Lievestro

App/Web Designer & Developer, Experience Designer, Event Organiser and Project Manager based in Amsterdam.

Selected Works

Transmedia documentary that uses maps, data and audio to join the dots of a story spread across Europe and beyond.

Migration trail enables you to follow the reconstructed journeys of two people travelling to and through Europe, over ten days, in real time. You see their stories unfold in maps, data visualisation and instant messages. Listen to the daily podcast to get a broader perspective on the immigration issue and dig deeper into real life stories.

About the concept

The aim of this project is to create a better informed discussion about migration to Europe. This is done by telling stories of travelling immigrants and in tandem with an exploration of bigger question. Such as border, immigration and asylum policy and their development over the past 30-40 years, leading to the situation we see today. In doing so, we want to question the sense of ahistorical ‘crisis’ that has developed around the issue of migration.

We also want to show that it is possible to tell a compelling story using maps and data.

Mobile Experience

With the mobile experience we want to enable the user to do a quick check-in with the characters. "Where is David?", "What is Sarah doing at the moment?", "Do they still have phone battery?" and "What did they tell to their brothers?"

Meet the team
  • Creative director: Alison Killing
  • Producer: Josie Gardiner, Alison Killing, Michelle Feuerlicht
  • First Prototype: Mike Robbins
  • UX design: Thomas Lievestro
  • Web design: Thomas Lievestro
  • Technical realisation: Thomas Lievestro
  • Audio editor: Anik See
  • Assistant producer: Sarah Saey
  • Graphic designer: Asja Keeman
  • Sound design & music: Bora Yoon
  • Fixing and translation: Omar Shamil Mohammed, Nayief Salameh
  • Impact producer: Michelle Chakkalackal
  • Data analyst : Luke Gilder
  • Writers: Elnathan John, Nadia Asfour, Zarghuna Kargar
  • Podcast narration: Marnie Chesterton
  • Additional fact-checking: Nayief Salameh, Benjamin Thomas White
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